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​Translator, adapter, copy editor, subtitler, writer and proofreader (reviser). These are the many hats I wear to complete the wide range of projects I’m given. My goal is always the same: to communicate with a focus on quality, accuracy and creativity. 

Translation from English to French

​I convey the original meaning in idiomatic French.

Adaptation (voice-over)

​I fluidly adapt narrations and dialogues, paying close attention to pacing and length.


​I convey the message in a manner that is clear, succinct and accurate, following established subtitling conventions.


​I transpose the message in a creative way, adapting it to the targeted cultural context and audience. 

Copy editing

​I correct errors of all kinds and refine the text to enhance understanding.

Proofreading (reviewing)

​Whether I’m reading text on a screen, on paper or in the editing room, I’m a pro at spotting errors with my eagle eye.


​​I write or rewrite copy to inform, raise awareness and engage.


​Curious by nature, I’ve built my career around my main areas of interest.

​Arts and culture


​Audiovisual content (film, television and radio)

​Communications for the general public


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