ValÚrie Palacio-Quintin



Manual Intentional Peer Support  An Alternative Approach in mental health (Prise II)
Synopses of TV series for TOU.TV (CBC/Radio-Canada)
Various types of blogs (CBC/Radio-Canada)
Resource guide for the DVD John A. : Birth of a country (CBC/Radio-Canada)
Texts about various artists for EXPRESSION, Centre d'exposition de Saint-Hyacinthe
Photojournalism course (University of Sudbury)
Website of the architectural firm Kanva
Proposals for documentary series (Cross-Cultural Projects – CBC/Radio-Canada)
Teachers’ guide and educational poster for the IMAX film Rescue (Airlift Films)
Sobey Art Foundation
The “Virtual talent scout” section of Cirque du Soleil’s website
Gros Morne Time Lines website (CBC/Radio-Canada)
Site celebrating Alberta’s 100th anniversary (CBC/Radio-Canada)
Prevention First
website, on anaphylaxis (TFO)
Website of the Day Nurseries Act for Child Care Supervisors of Ontario (TFO)
Teachers’ guide for the interactive DVD From Field to Studio: The Art of Paul Kane (TFO)
Annual programming for INPUT at CBC/Radio-Canada (international public television conference)
2003 programming for the Comedia comedy films section of the Just for Laughs Festival

Adaptation (partial dubbing)

Me, my sex and I; Earth Overhaul; Venom: Nature's Killer; Meet the sloths; Infestation; Outback Rangers; Fruit Hunters; Death, a series about life; Footprints of war; The Chocolate Diet; The Equalizer; Vampire Legend; The hidden story of camouflage; Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped?; Nine Months That Made You (3 episodes); How to stay young (2 episodes); While you were sleeping; Body Language Decoded; Search for the Super Battery; Earth Island; Secrets of the Shining Knight; Killer Hornets (Explora)
TV series Hope for Wildlife – season 6 and 7 (Post-Production Montréal and La Belle Équipe)
Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed; Kids and Guns; El Chapo/Sean Penn; LEGO: the blockumentary; Eagles Next Door (Pixcom)
Reportages from the TV show SEXPLORA – season 1, 2 and 3; Apprenti autiste (Urbania TV)
Growing Up Trans; I'm Chris Farley; I, Pedophile (Audio Postproduction SPR)
Documentary Les États-désunis du Canada (Productions de la ruelle)
TV series Work of Art: The Next Great Artist – season 1 and 2 (ARTV)
Documentary series PachaMama, on Aboriginal culinary traditions - season 1 and 2 (Pimiento)
Episode Into the Wilderness (part of the BBC’s Planet Earth: The Future documentary series) (CBC/Radio-Canada)
Documentary Time Bombs, on nuclear war vets (Productions de la ruelle)
Program That’s Carnaval, on the Rio Carnival (ARTV)
Episodes from the documentary series The Great Food Revolution (CBC/Radio-Canada)


Documentary Jean-Paul Larocque : Le fusain et l'argile (1700 La Poste)
Back to Front: Peter Gabriel Live in London (ARTV)
Documentary Jean-Paul Jérôme: la couleur, la lumière, la forme (Jérôme Art International)
Reportages from the TV show URBANIA – season 1 (Urbania TV)
Documentary A Chair Fit for an Angel about the Shaker culture (Ciné Qua Non Média)
Documentary Gentilly or not to be, on nuclear energy and God Save Justin Trudeau (Productions de la ruelle)
Videos for Big Bang exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (ARTV)
Video interviews with Crees for Hydlo and Friends project (Hydro-Québec)
Program Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration (ARTV)
Documentary Bull’s eye, un peintre à l’affût (Pimiento)
Episodes from the cooking TV show À la di Stasio (Zone 3)
Reportages from the TV show Une pilule, une petite granule (Téléfiction)
Documentaries Earth Keepers, A Survival Guide for a Planet in Peril and The Tightrope of Life (Productions du Rapide-Blanc)
Virtual museum show Oceans of Hope, on immigration (closed captioning for the hearing impaired) (Design+Communication)
Documentary Chercheurs de miracles, on the work of Robert Lepage (In Extremis Images)


Interpretation panels, press releases and educational materials – Fondation Hydro-Québec pour l'environnement (Hydro-Québec)
Proposals for museum exhibits (GSM Project)
Guide Gestion autonome de la médication (AGIDD-SMQ)
Book Cultiver la différence (Pharmascience)
Proposals for television projects (AIDIA)
Interactive Learning Objects for Francophone students in Ontario (TFO)
Book about the program Cabine C, hosted by Christiane Charette (Productions Occhi Neri)
The TFO site for teachers
The TFO site Leadership et pédagogie culturels
Teaching modules for TFO’s Piliers de l’éducation program
Sections of the website accompanying the Autopsy of a Murder exhibition (Centre des sciences de Montréal)

Adaptation/creation of content for board games

Balloon Lagoon
Cranium Classic
Cranium Deluxe
Cranium Family Fun
Cranium Wow
Cranium 2.0
Guesstimation (electronic game)
Jam Pack Jam
Kabookii (game for the Wii finalist in the OQLF’s 2008 Octas awards, in the “French in Information Technology” category)
Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It
Trivial Pursuit Master Edition (forthcoming)
Trivial Pursuit Steal


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